I have worked with numerous management firms throughout my career. BSC is at the top of the list! They demonstrate competence and unwavering commitment to their clients and are not afraid to express disagreement in order to correctly guide their client’s course. The level of personal involvement by the principles is unmatched by any other group I have worked with. This is truly a remarkable organization of the highest competence and integrity.

Jeffrey L. Ponsky, M.D.
Oliver H Payne Professor & Chairman Department of Surgery,
CWRU School of Medicine Surgeon in Chief, University Hospitals,
Cleveland, Ohio

There are those who do their job. There are those who go the extra few steps to make sure the work is high quality. Then there are the exceptional few, and you find them in every field, which are passionate about their work.  It means everything to them, and they invest their time and energy into their work to a far greater degree than their cohorts, producing a far superior product or service.   BSC is one of the exceptional few. If you want a management company that will respond only to your needs, do the run of the mill tasks, and have little interaction with the leadership of the group and let the chips fall where they may, then you do not want BSC.  If, on the other hand, you welcome the input of extremely talented and experienced individuals who are eager to improve the service they perform as well as your organization itself, then BSC should be your clear choice.  BSC will, if you wish, become your true partner in helping your organization move upward to bigger and better things. I have personally worked with them for well over 15 years, and this has been a consistent trait, which has greatly benefited those organizations (and I have been an officer in two) that they manage.

Bruce Schirmer, M.D.
Professor of Surgery
University of Virginia Health System
University of California, San Diego

Nineteen years ago, I became a SAGES member. Ever since then I’ve seen this society grow from hundreds to thousands of members worldwide. Recently, I had the opportunity to help develop the Go Global Initiative, aimed at helping educate surgeons in the most remote areas of the planet. BSC has been a true partner in developing this project. The gigantic task of administering an exponential growth in membership, successful annual meetings and worldwide training could have never been achieved without the professionalism, motivation and dedication of BSC. Their staff goes above and beyond of you can expect from a regular management staff. I wish I could clone them to help me develop my own program. Great job BSC !!

Raul J. Rosenthal M.D., FACS.

Assistant Professor of Surgery. University of South Florida School of Medicine.
Head, Section of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Director of The Bariatric and Metabolic Institute

The services that are provided by BSC Management are first rate. Barbara Berci and Sallie Matthews have recruited a truly outstanding staff. There is little that they will not provide for their clients and overall constituency. There’s a truly outstanding matrix organization that attends to every need of an organization. Services that they have provided for the AHNS (American Head and Neck Society) have been integral in the growth and maintenance of the Society. They have provided a long-term plan that has maintained and allowed for growth of membership. Maintenance of financial records have allowed for a steady, long term expansion of our resources. Every detail is attended to in terms of both our annual national year meeting, and quadrennial international meeting. Committee structure, maintenance of our website, management of our training counsel; no detail is too small for them to oversee and make sure that is addressed on a regular basis.
The best part of our interaction with BSC is the accommodating of quality service and personal interaction. I foresee them being part of the success of our Society for many years to come.

Dennis Kraus, M.D.

Associate Professor
Mem Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

I have been privileged to work closely with BSC over the past 17 years and have always enjoyed our interactions. BSC is highly professional, infinitely organized and always a good business partner. In particular, the team at BSC has the experience and expertise to serve as a “midwife” to even the most ambitious of new projects: they served as an enabling force to the creation of the Fellowship Council – the accrediting body for non-ACGME post-graduate fellowships in GI surgery – and have contributed greatly to the establishment and success of this organization. They excel not only in day-to-day management but also in the long-term strategic planning of the groups they manage.

In my leadership role in several of the surgical societies that BSC has managed, which included the negotiation of management company contracts as well as day-to-day operations, there has never been a doubt as to the overall superiority of BSC as a management group.

Lee L Swanstrom, M.D.
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Division of Gastrointestinal and Minimally Invasive Surgery
Legacy Health System and Oregon Clinic
President, Fellowship Council

Dear Barbara and Sallie

Our long association has never grown stale. Whenever there has been an opportunity to explore new ideas and launch new initiatives, BSC has made it happen. The staff at BSC is knowledgeable, responsive and most of all tenacious in setting up conferences and managing budgets. The experience that BSC brings to a project always adds value in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

David Rattner M.D.
Professor of Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital


SAGES leadership all understand that a large proportion of SAGES amazing success as an emerging influential society in Surgery is due to our partnership with our executive team at BSC. Central to our successful relationship is a clear and transparent financial relationship and a strategic partnership. Based upon that relationship, SAGES is secure in knowing that our members receive more than full value from BSC.

Mark Talamini, M.D.
Professor and Chairman, Department of Surgery
University of California, San Diego

Dear Barbara and Sallie,

What a great pleasure it has been to work with you over the last 15 years!  Your calm, expert management of all things great and small has been a large part of what has made our society so successful.  I have especially appreciated your quiet professionalism.  You have each been privy to many confidential discussions and meetings, and you have kept those confidences without exception.  You know the entire history of the society and all of its sidetracks, both those that have been successful and those that have failed.  Your memory for those details informs discussions, and yet you are superb at keeping your own counsel until asked for an opinion.

It is an important credit to your management skills that for many, many years I thought SAGES was your full time job.  I had no idea that you worked with other groups and societies.  You delegate your time so expertly and discretely that I honestly believed we were your only child!  That is a tribute to both your diplomacy and your management skills.

And of course, Sallie and Barbara, there is no better dinner partner, or seat mate on a bus or plane, or email confident than the two of you.  Thank you for all you do, for your support and subtle guidance over the years, and for being there for us and for me.


Jo Buyske, M.D.
Adjunct Professor of Surgery
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Success for any national or international society depends as much on enthusiasm, mission, and vision as it does on the business and strategic planning aspects of the organization.  I have worked with BSC Management for more than 20 years in a senior leadership and board position an international surgical society and a foundation.  Business efficiency, creative meeting execution, and thoughtful guidance in strategic planning characterize my experience with BSC.  My highest recommendations go to BSC and their team of seasoned professionals.  The contributions of BSC have been pivotal to the growth and success of SAGES and the SAGES Foundation.

Greg V. Stiegmann M.D.

Past President SAGES and SAGES Foundation
Professor of Surgery
University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

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